• please no more than 1 adult picking up your child at a time, all others remain in the vehicle. Try to limit siblings coming into building if at all possible. If siblings need to come with you to pick up your child, they will not be permitted to play with toys or on the playground
  • your first day back you may drop off inside to get your child settled. As soon as you enter the building wash your hands and your child’s hands or use hand sanitizer at sign in sheet, please follow same procedure at pickup, also sanitize after using the sign in pen, or use your own pen.
  • after your first dropoff, parents and others will not be permitted inside the building, only in an emergency situation. All pickups and drop offs will be done at the front door, sign in, sanitize your and your child’s hands and ring the door bell. If we have a lot of families returning we may use 2 entrances. In the case the door is not answered, please call daycare phone 2507460110